A Man Was Sentenced To Death For Killing His Wife - 10/15/1948

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Today in history, Arthur R. Eggers was convicted of the crime of murder of first degree; he was sentenced to death for killing his wife Dorothy because of her unfaithfulness. He was executed in the gas chamber at San Quentin Prison. Arthur would have gone scot-free if not for the found dead body.

According to reports, the couple had a happy family until two years before her death. Dorothy had informed him that she is not happy, and told him she is going to have a change of life while Eggers claimed that her wife has been difficult to live with.

On the morning of January 2, 1946, the headless, handless body of a woman that was wrapped in a blanket tied with a rope was found by hikers in an isolated area of the San Bernardino Mountains in California.

Two bullets wounds were found on the body. Out of which hit her right in the heart and caused her death.

Arthur Eggers worked as a clerk in the office of the sheriff of Los Angeles County. He made a report of his missing wife around the time the body of his wife was found. Therefore, investigators decided to follow through on the lead. The body of the dead woman did not accurately match that of the missing Dorothy because she was slender and a little bit taller. However, the autopsy report confirmed that the corpse is that of Mrs. Dorothy because she had been treated for bunion on her feet before, which also matches the one on the dead corpse.

Though investigators had good reason to believe that Arthur was the one behind the death of his wife, yet, there was no enough evidence to support their claim. Shortly after the incident, Eggers sold his car to a police officer in his office, but the buyer noticed that the certificate was in the wife's name, knowing fully well of the missing person, he asked Eggers how could the car be transferred without her signature, in which he replied him "don’t worry, I will get her to sign it." The buyer noticed that there were small spots of human blood in the trunk. Further investigations revealed that human blood was found in some grease on the floor of the garage at the Eggers' residence and in the bathroom of the house. Finally, in 1946, Arthur Eggers was arrested for the killing of Dorothy Eggers his wife. 

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