Bundy Tried To Kidnap A Young Woman And Failed - 11/8/1974

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On this day in history, a young woman Carol DaRonch who lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, was almost kidnapped by a serial killer named Ted Bundy. On that fateful day, DaRonch was shopping at a mall when approached by a man claiming to be a police detective, who then advises her to file a police report because there was as an attempted robbery on her vehicle. 

Regardless of her doubts, she followed the man to his vehicle and got inside his Volkswagen. As soon as they entered the car, the man put a handcuff on her and tried to hit her with a crowbar, but DaRonch wrestled the man until she was able to get down of the car and ran for safety.

Utah authorities had a special interest in DaRonch's case of attempted kidnapping. The authorities had long been trying to solve the mystery behind the sudden disappearance of several young women in the fall of 1974. While at the same time, officers of the Seattle zone were searching for a young man named Ted who was the suspected perpetrator of several murder cases.

August 16, 1975, an officer on duty saw a suspicious Volkswagen driving around his patrol area, which made the officer to pull the vehicle over. After searching the car, a crowbar, face mask rope and handcuffs were discovered in the back of the car and the driver, Ted Bundy was arrested. After his capture, he was recognized as the man who attempted to abduct DaRonch. The following year in March 1976, he was charged with aggravated abduction, which got him nailed behind bars while police detectives attempted to link him up with several unsolved murders in Washington, Colorado, and Utah.

However, on December 30, 1977, Bundy was able to jailbreak from prison. After several months of searching, Bundy was included on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted Fugitives List, and on February 15, 1978, he was caught. Eventually, Ted Bundy admitted to the killings of 36 young women, and he was sentenced to death. On January 24, 1989, Bundy was executed in an electric chair around 7a.m. in the morning at Florida prison. In addition, the total number of women Bundy killed is still unknown, while the official record says 36 women according to his own testament, experts believe the killings were up to a hundred if not more than that. Others debated on when he started killing, which most sources claimed that he began the inhumane act around 1974. 

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