Sharon Tate Killed By The Manson Family - 8/9/1969

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1969 was a crazy year. People were trying to figure out exactly what was going on in both the political and social climates of the USA. Marred by unrest and a general hope that things could get better, the hippies of the counterculture marched peacefully toward an unknown solution. This sort of unrest attracted a lot of lost souls to the communes and compounds of one of the most disturbing individuals to ever walk the earth: Charles Manson. 

Charles Manson backed up by paranoia and a lack of leadership in the US drove a merry band of disgusting followers to the house of actress Sharon Tate. She had starred in multiple films and was currently carrying the child of famed director Roman Polansky, who was out of town filming a movie. The actress was only 26 years old when the Manson family invaded her home.

The gruesome act was characterized by the smearing of victim’s blood on the walls, cryptic messages and torture before death. The couple lived on the outskirts of Los Angeles in a remote area surrounded by hills.

Hollywood was left stunned by the murders and this set off a huge investigation and the eventual capture of the Manson Family and all attached to them. Sharon Tate and Roman Polansky were married in January of 1968. He was out of the country filming on the night of August 8th 1969 when Tate was hanging out with her friends. They were Abigail Folger, heir to the Folger coffee fortune and celebrity hairstylist Jay Sebring.

They were shot or stabbed to death at the Polanski’s rented estate on Cielo Drive. The house was located in Benedict Canyon. It was chosen as a target for an entirely arbitrary reason. Apparently Manson had a vendetta against a record executive who used to reside at that address. Tate had no direct link to Manson or his followers, it was a senseless killing. 

Later in his life Roman Polansky pled guilty to an unlawful sex act with a minor. He fled the United States to avoid any kind of legal action and has yet to return to America. He can be arrested upon reentry. He was awarded the Best Oscar in absentia for his work on The Pianist. He has not vocally commented on the murder of his wife and unborn child in quite some time. 

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