The First President of The Twentieth Century Is Born - 10/27/1858

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Exactly today in history, the future President of United States of America Theodore Roosevelt is born in New York City to a rich family. Roosevelt was home taught and afterwards went to Harvard University, and graduated in 1880. He served in the New York state assembly from 1881 to 1884. 

He was wedded to Alice Hathaway Lee In 1880. The couple had a little girl, named Alice, on February 12, 1884. Two days after the birth of his baby girl, disaster struck: Both Roosevelt's better half and his mom died of sickness. The death so crushed Roosevelt to the extent that he asked everyone around him not mention his wife's name again. Deeply troubled by his huge loss, he deserted politics, left the newborn child Alice with his sister Bamie and left for the Dakota regions toward the end of 1884. While in the Dakotas, he raised dairy cattle and went about as the neighborhood lawyer. Additionally, he had enough time to devote to learning, reading and composing history books. After a snowstorm wiped out his herd of cattle in 1885, he went back home and returned to politics. A year later, he remarried to wedded Edith Carow and the new couple had five children.

He was the U.S. Civil Service commissioner from 1885 to 1889 in Washington, D.C., and afterwards, he served as New York City's police chief from 1895 to 1897. President William McKinley picked Roosevelt as an assistant secretary of the Navy soon thereafter. During the Spanish-American War of 1898, Roosevelt enlisted for the cavalry service, and led a battle at San Juan Heights in Cuba. His strong leadership skills that he displayed during the war helped him in winning the New York governorship election in late 1898, and he held the office until 1900 when the Republican Party selected him to be William McKinley's vice-presidential running mate. It was a successful campaign; however, on September 12, 1901, a hired assassin shot President McKinley not exactly a year into his second term in office. President McKinley died two days later from injuries and Roosevelt started the first of his two tenures in the White House.

President Theodore Roosevelt became the first president of the twentieth century, and regarded as the country's first modern president. He was the first to identify potential influence of the movie industry during his administration, urging producers to archive his official duties as well as excursions to Africa and Panama. He expanded American diplomatic participation in Latin America and the development of the Panama Canal among several others. Finally, in 1906, he won the Nobel Peace Prize for facilitating a peace treaty between Russia and Japan, making him the first American ever to win a Nobel Prize in any category. 

After serving two tenures, he left office 1909, and in October 11, 1910, became the first (former) president to fly in a plane. Roosevelt ran for presidency for a third term as a Progressive candidate in 1912, yet lost to Democrat Woodrow Wilson. Afterwards, he published not less than 40 books in his lifetime, on subjects ranging from naval history to nature. On January 6, 1919, Roosevelt passed on discreetly in his sleep from a coronary embolism. His was a great American icon, and was honored alongside George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln in the carvings on Mount Rushmore. His face was the last to be finished, in 1939.

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