Vivid Detail On Titanic Released – 7/18/1986

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Everyone is aware of the story of the Titanic and what happened on that tragic day. However, it wasn’t until this day in 1986 that the public got a good look at what the wreckage was like. It was on this day that close-up video of the sunken ship was released to the public. Some of the stunning, yet sad views from the video was watching one of the beautiful staircases of the ship – as well as a beautiful, chandelier covered in coral – drift away through the ocean’s current. 

The Titanic was known as the largest ocean liner to ever be built. If you don’t believe it, it was roughly 900 feet in length and also 150 feet from the highest beam to the water’s ceiling. Before the tragic day, people dubbed it as “unsinkable” due to the liner’s well-thought-out construction and design, as well as its humongous size. It held well over 2,200 people when it was sent out and was also being occupied by some of the world’s richest and most famous people.

Although seen as unsinkable, the Titanic couldn’t prove to be stronger than an iceberg it made contact with in the icy waters of the North Atlantic. After hitting the iceberg, the ship began to sink and its patrons started to sink along with it. Overall, the fatality total was well above the 1,500 mark. It was reported that if the ship had contained enough lifeboats, then that 1,500 number could’ve been significantly smaller. However, due to improper preparation, the tragic event saw more lost lives than expected.

In 1985, which was nearly 73 years after the Titanic sunk, a marine geologist finally discovered the wreckage of the collision. Robert Ballard, with the help of Louis Michel with the IFREMER, found the ship 350 miles southeast of Newfoundland. It was dug 13,000 feet under the water with the help of Argo, a high-res sonar device with a very capable camera that was supplied to them by the U.S. Navy.

With the discovery of the Titanic, many people began to take interest in the event again. It also helped spark a new age in the exploration of underwater adventures. A year later, they returned to the wreckage in hopes of getting some high-quality footage of the Titanic for the public to see. That footage would later be released on this day, causing many people to reminisce about that unfaithful day. 

After exploring down there, it was decided that nothing that remained of the ship and the ship’s contents should be touched. After finding unopened champagne bottles, a wooden stove, as well as the ship’s safes, it was best that we let that legacy live along with the ship it was surrounded by. It was reported that no human remains were found, with them most likely decaying and being scavenged by sea life.

The Titanic is easily one of the most dreadful events that seemed to just happen out of the blue. You never hope to see stuff like that happen, but you must always be properly prepared for them. 

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