Bill Clinton Is Born – 8/19/1946

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Bill Clinton might become the First Gentleman, but he was originally known as the President of the United States. His incredible and controversial political legacy stretches far beyond the White House and the Monica Lewinsky scandal. 

Bill Clinton was born on this day in history, August 19th of 1946. William Jefferson Blythe the III was his birth name, and the name that appears on his birth certificate. He was born in Hope, Arkansas and later took the name of his stepfather Roger Clinton. In 1992 Clinton was elected as the 42nd President of the United States of America and the current Democratic Nominee, Hillary Clinton served as his first lady before embarking on her career as the Secretary of State to President Barack Obama.

Clinton attributes his interest in politics to a chance meeting with President John F. Kennedy, with whom he encountered at the White House as a high school kid. He attended on a Rhodes scholarship to Oxford after attending Georgetown University. He also received a law degree from Yale Law School in 1974.

Unfortunately Bill Clinton lost a bid for Congress in 1974 as he was fighting for the Third District seat. He married fellow Yale Law student Hillary Rodham the following year and their daughter Chelsea was born in the year of 1980. Today Chelsea has kids of her own!

Clinton’s first office was as the Arkansas attorney general in 1976 in his twenties. At the age of 32 he secured a seat in history as the youngest governor in the United States for the prior four decades. In 1992 after a long time political campaign he won the Democratic nomination for president and stuck out in everyone’s mind as a new kind of nominee, a “cool” president if you will. He did all of the late-night shows, played the saxophone and had a supremely progressive relationship with his wife Hillary, treating her as an equal and not as a trophy.

His campaign was revolutionary and he focused on almost all domestic, economic issues. He promised change, much like Barack Obama after him and his youth and vigor prompted people of all kinds to vote for him. George H.W. Bush was the incumbent and Lost! This was an unprecedented feat and made Clinton a president of the people. During the first two years of his administration there were some really rough points.

There was an ethics investigation into the Clintons’ involvement with the Whitewater housing developments in Arkansas, Clinton’s home state. They also had a bitter debate with Congress over a Clinton health care initiative that helped fuel a majority takeover by Republicans in both the Senate and the House of Representatives. The midterm elections were a mess, and Clinton had to fight tooth and nail against a Republican controlled congress. The improving economics during the Clinton presidency had a low employment and inflation effect. His years are hailed as some of the most economically productive in all of modern history. He became the first Democratic president since FDR to get a second term in office and his presidency marked a new era of economic prosperity. 

Despite all the good Clinton did a lot of people sensationalized his term in office due to the Monica Lewinsky scandal where an intern of Clinton was accused of engaging in sexual relations with the married president.

Of course, it was all true and Clinton narrowly avoided impeachment. Clinton was accused of abuse of power, perjury and obstruction of justice because he denied the affair. He apologized to his family and the American people and narrowly avoided articles of Impeachment by the Senate in 1999. 

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