George Foreman Proclaimed As The Oldest Heavyweight Champion – 11/5/1994

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November 5, 1994 was a memorable day for George Foreman as he knocked out the 26-year old Michael Moorer, a feat that gave him the title as the oldest heavyweight boxing champion in history. This was not the first time the Foreman held a champion’s belt. He was already a champion at one point but Muhammad Ali took this from him during the “Rumble in the Jungle” in 1974. He was not able to secure another title opportunity after his defeat from Ali and decided to retire in 1977 following a loss from Young. 

During the time that he was not seen in the world of boxing, he devoted his time to his ministry and became a Christian minister. He also became a pitchman for hamburger and mufflers as well as a sitcom star. Ten years after his match with Ali, he came back to the boxing ring, but will now be fighting against Moorer. People thought that Moorer was at an advantage given that he was a leftist, was much younger, and held a 35-0 record. The younger boxer was expected to retire a champion with a large sum of money. In comparison, Foreman was older and no longer considered strong as he was when he was younger. But he had the spirit of a champion, which was enough to take down his opponent in the 10th round.

The World Boxing Association was initially against the fight and refused its approval mainly for two reasons – they thought that Foreman was already too old to still be participating in boxing and it did not help that his recent fights were somewhat disappointing. Foreman’s promoter did not share these opinions and sued the organization for age discrimination and won, allowing the fight to proceed.

On the night of the bout, Foreman was ready. He was wearing the red velour shorts that he wore when he fought with Muhammad Ali. In comparison, Moorer was wearing a brand-new shiny gold trunks. Early in the fight, Moorer was leading in the scorecards on all of the three judges. Moorer threw a total of 641 which obviously outnumbered the 369 thrown by Foreman. But there was one thing that Moorer, the audience, and the judges did not know – Foreman had a plan.

Foreman thought that knocking out Moorer early in the fight would easily give the younger boxer time to recover. What he did instead was wait a little while longer. When the 10th round came, Foreman hit Moorer on the chin with his right hand. This was enough to knock Moorer out which immediately made Foreman the champion.

Foreman retired with a 76-5 record in 1997. Today, he’s still very visible albeit in another industry. He discovered his talent for salesmanship and promotes George Foreman Lean Mean Grilling Machine and Meineke Car Care Centers among others. He currently lives in Marshall, Texas where he has a ministry called The Church of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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