Hitler’s Last Remaining Henchman Kicks The Bucket – 8/17/1987

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Adolf Hitler was one of the most evil and disgusting people to ever walk this planet. His reign of terror was targeted on the Jewish population of Germany and Poland. He set his sights on an “ethnic cleanse” and somehow got the people of Germany to vote for it. 

His charisma and political deftness are the things that got him elected to his position. It is a controversial fact that Hitler was actually elected to his post, and that as a dictator he didn’t usurp anyone for power. While in “office” Hitler killed hundreds of thousands of people mostly Jewish, gay or minorities out of a pure, rotten hatred for humanity.

Hitler had an entire army and an entire racist populous on his side, but he also had a bunch of henchman and scientists, guards and assassins on his payroll. On this day in history his last known henchman died. Rudolf Hess was a Nazi leader and former deputy of Hitler’s regime. He was found Spandau Prison in Berlin strangled at the age of 93. He was the last surviving member of Hitler’s inner circle and he was the only prisoner at Spandau since 1966.

Hitler’s henchmen were all notorious followers of Nazism and were disgusting people. They committed crimes on behalf of Hitler and created problems in his honor. Hitler dedicated his life story Mein Kampf to his last surviving henchman Hess. He lost faith in his leadership ability and left his Nazi “empire” to Hermann Goering.

In May of 1941 Hess stole an airplane and landed it in Scotland on a self-proposed mission to discuss some kind of peace treaty between Germany and Britain. Hitler tried to make a peace offering to end its hostilities with England in exchange for a German presence on the Britain continent. In May 1941 the Battle of Britain was won by well, Britain and Germany went home to Hitler with its tail between its legs. Hess was described as extremely diluted and stupid to think that Britain would settle with someone like Hitler for peace.

Hess was held in Britain until the end of the war at Nuremberg after the war with other top Nazi commanders. Hess eventually missed out on the worst years of the Nazi regime and ended up searching for peace in 1941. Hess was sentenced to life in Spandau prison in Berlin and was held in the USSR and moved to the United States, Britain and France. A lot of different people shared responsibility in guarding him. He was a notoriously unruly prisoner and despite his “search” for peace.

On August 17th 1987 he was found strangled in a cabin on the exercise yard at Spandau Prison. Apparently he killed himself with an electrical cord that he found in the yard. Some people don’t believe that though and think a guard had some kind of vendetta against him and murdered him.

Whether that was just or not is up to the war crime convictions and the horrors that committed Hess committed while under Hitler’s direction. 

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