The 33 Trapped Chilean Miners Are Rescued - 10/13/2010

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Exactly on this day in 2010, 33 miners that were trapped more than half a mile underneath the earth surface for more than two months in a caved-in mine in the Atacama Desert, in the northern part of Chile were rescued. The miners survived underground for a longer period than anyone else throughout history did.

On August 5, 2010, the miners met their waterloo when their working place the San Jose gold and copper mine collapsed in the Chilean capital city of Santiago some 500 miles north in the Atacama Desert. The men, 33 in numbers quickly moved to an underground emergency area right in the mine where to their surprise where left with a small portion of food items that can last only a few days. After spending 17 days in the trapped cave without any means of surviving, the miners began to give in to fate as they considered suicide and cannibalism. After series of search by the rescuers, on August 22, the rescuers sent a drill, which broke into the area where the miners were located and they send a message back to the top that reads "We are alive and doing fine, the 33." Afterwards, food items, water, medicine, letters from friends and families and other supplies that were necessary were delivered to the miners through a narrow borehole that was drilled. 

Later on, a video camera was sent down, which makes it possible and easier for the rescuers team to locate the men and the cave where they were trapped. The rescue team comprising of expert engineers and miners from all around the globe work tirelessly in devising a means in to bring back the 33 trapped miners to the earth surface. However, the trapped miners keep up the confidence by maintaining a system routine to keep up the body.

The rescues team (most especially the employees of a Pennsylvania based drilling tool company) finally drilled an escape route wide enough to extract the men one after the other. With much anticipation, on October 12, the first of the trapped miners was brought back to the earth surface in a thin 13-foot-long case painted with colors of the Chilean flag White, blue and red. The 2000-feet tunnel took each man 15 minutes to get him to the surface.

Gathered around the tunnel were friends and families many of whom had camped near the base of the mine for months, the media from around the world including Chile's president Sebastian Panira, greeted the miners with loud cheers as they were extracted. From around the globe, millions of people watched it live on TV. Within 24 hours, all the trapped 33 miners who were within age range of 19 and 63 were safely rescued. They were all spotted wearing dark sunshades to protect their eyes since they have been in a dimly lit space for too long. Overall, most of them were in good health

In addition, the rescued miners were later honored with full expense paid trips to a number of destinations of their choice, which includes Israel, England Walt Disney World in Florida, where they held a parade in their honor.

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