The French Republic Colors Are Accepted By Congress – 1/4/1796

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When two countries decide to come together in friendship and unity, there are many different ways to signify this. One way is to sign an official document for everyone to see or if it is an agreement made secretly, then the two parties would each hold a copy. Another visual example to demonstrate a union of ideas was an acceptance of colors of the other nation which is represented in the form of a flag. One specific example of this occurs in the late 1700s during the period of the American Revolution as the House of Representatives accepts the Colors (or flag) of the French Revolutionary republic; this was a proclamation regarding this testimonial as being the most honorable of the ongoing affections and sympathies of the two Republics.

The French Committee of Public Safety praised the United States in a message as being the original defenders of man’s rights within a different hemisphere. The revolutionaries of the French were anxious to join together the overthrow of Louis XVI in 1789 to that in 1776 of King George. They saw the Bill of Rights as well as the Declaration of Independence as American precursors in order to justify their revolutionary Declaration of the Rights of Man.

The French had documented that they felt the new United States citizens comprehended the French Revolution was a part of a fight universally for freedom started for the war of independence by the 13 colonies; therefore, rejoiced as their own every victory accomplished by the French. However, the real truth was the new republic was divided equally regarding the French Revolution. Thomas Jefferson (the future president) and his Democratic-Republican Party were supporters impassioned of the revolutionaries; regardless of the means they took in order to reach their goal was turning to terror. George Washington, John Adams, Alexander Hamilton and the remainder of the Federalists were in contrast as they viewed upon the carnage of the French Revolution had turned into a horror.

Americans were using their prior revolution as a litmus test of the French Revolution. The Democratic-Republicans felt the administrators for the Federalist of the 1790s had retreated backwards from the increased goals that were radical of democracy; white individuals, at least supported throughout the War for Independence while the Federalists wished to basically substitute the aristocracy of the British with an American ideology. Those who wanted the same rights for every man who had white skin, on the other hand, were considered as Jeffersonian. 

The French Revolution’s outcome was used as complete evidence by Federalists that abolishing the social order and the political order would lead eventually to destitution, destruction and death. Americans came to understand it was an endorsement when the presidency was secured in 1800 by Thomas Jefferson that there was now a shift that was viewed as revolutionary in regards to their government’s philosophy.

Historians think about the succession of power peacefully from Federalist John Adams to Democratic-Republican Thomas Jefferson as the greatest victory with regards to the American Revolution.

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